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Investment Management

Advisory Managed services offer comprehensive and continuous portfolio management, where the client participates in the decision making. We will discuss your investment objectives and requirements with you in advance, and formulate guidelines for your agreement.

The investment recommendations are then made within the approved guidelines which are reviewed periodically with our clients.

Should clients wish to maintain particular investments which do not necessarily fit into the agreed composition of the portfolio, we seek to construct the rest of the portfolio to take this into account.

Your Investment Manager is available to discuss particular investment ideas that you may have, and to give suitable recommendations. The investment management services provide you with regular portfolio valuations.

Bespoke Service and a World Class Global Investment Committee

Argentum is a Barbados based international investment management company which is a subsidiary of the Forvest Group Switzerland. We provide a truly global focus, complimented by our expertise in both traditional and alternative investments.

The Forvest Group brings to our clients three decades of expertise in asset management and financial services. The Forvest Global Investment Committee consists of professionals from around the world with expertise in evaluating current and pending economic cycles. The Committee provides a collaborative approach to advice on multi-currency, multi asset class and multi market diversification. The Argentum Barbados team brings over 60 years of experience in designing, building and executing, discretionary and advisory investment portfolios.

We work closely with our selected clients and commence all relationships with a rigorous due diligence process and in-depth analysis to understand our clients objectives, risk tolerance, income needs, growth expectations, liquidity and tax considerations. Our Investment strategies are custom tailored and unique to each client.

Our relationship with the Forvest Group brings a truly holistic approach to asset management and affiliated services with experience working in unison with Trust Structures, Captive Insurance Companies, Estate Planners, Philanthropic Organizations, Legal and Financial Representatives and International Pension Plans.

Based in Barbados, Argentum provides an ideal platform for global asset management. Barbados' world class regulation and anti-money laundering legislation meet international standards. Barbados satisfies the OECD standards and is a signatory to the Multi-lateral Convention for common reporting standards (CRS).

Barbados is a leader in the Caribbean with an expanding number of Double Taxation Agreements, Bilateral Investment Treaties and Tax Information Exchange Agreements.

Contact our Management Team and let's discuss how Argentum Asset Management can assist with your investment objectives.


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