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Captive Insurance
Investment Management

Investment management for Captives requires a specific set of skills and experience. The management team at Argentum have extensive experience developing and managing Captive Insurance portfolios.

Argentum ensures that portfolios are managed to satisfy the need to meet claims payments and to generate profits for the Captive.

Most captive insurance companies follow a predictable evolution in their investment strategy and implementation over time.

Early Stage:
Newly formed Captives rely on initial capital and the first year's premium payment from their parent company and maintain a greater degree of liquidity e.g. 100% short term fixed income instruments. In early years premium payments accumulate and surpluses are created net of claims.

Mid Stage:
Have typically benefited from risk management mitigation strategies of the parent company resulting in few claims. Portfolio asset allocation set by the Captive investment committee tends to have a fixed income orientation with a high degree of liquidity and longer maturities.

Mature Stage:
Eventually, Captives begin to accumulate larger surpluses which may become significant, depending in its claim history.

As premiums accumulate over the years and surpluses exist within the Captive, the Captive investment committee may elect to invest in instruments which over time will generate greater returns than purely fixed income investments. Depending on Captive's risk profile, equities and alternative investments are introduced into the portfolio to enhance returns.

Argentum Asset Management

The Argentum Investment Management team in Barbados has 60 years combined investment experience, and have worked together over the past 10 years, successfully managing assets with team synergy, across all major asset classes:

  • Money Market and Fixed income
  • Equities
  • Commodities
  • Hedge Funds
  • Options Overlays

Why we are different:

  • Risk management is an important aspect of our investment process
  • Global Investment Committee provides a truly holistic approach to investing
  • Unbiased advise – we are not required to make markets or sell products
  • Multi-currency portfolios and reporting are available

Contact our Management Team and let's discuss how Argentum Asset Management can assist with your Captive Insurance investment objectives.

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