Our Investment Strategy

Through our rigorous due diligence process, we establish an investment profile unique to each client and construct an investment portfolio specific to each client. Our portfolios are highly diversified, consisting of multi asset classes, multi-currencies and multi-markets. As a member of the Forvest Global Investment Committee we participate in exclusive weekly meetings with professionals in several countries, gaining valuable insights into macro-economic trends.

The Top Down Approach
Argentum utilizes a top-down investment approach to security selection. However, given that we are independent from any sell side institutions, we do not push products onto clients and are able to take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

The Top Down approach enables Argentum to analyze markets from a global macro perspective. This method allows us to identify opportunities and trends in selected markets, currencies and geographic locations. We then determine asset allocations that are appropriate for each client's portfolio and develop options to hedge against risk.

We then identify which sectors are deemed advantageous and narrow down to specific holdings based on each asset allocation mandate.

The Argentum team is particularly skilled at protecting portfolio values in down markets with the use of options. The Argentum team is also very experienced in using option overlay strategies to add value to traditional portfolios. Options can also be used for:

  • Strategic market entry
  • Exit concentrated stock positions
  • To hedge out market risk

Argentum uses all major asset classes to construct portfolios including:

  • Fixed income, public and private
  • Equities, public and private
  • Commodities
  • Hedge Funds
  • Options Overlays
  • Futures
  • Structured Products

Argentum offers many unique value propositions to our clients:

  1. As a member of the Forvest Global Investment Committee we participate in weekly meetings with expert financial analysts from all over the world, providing macro-economic data and sharing ideas on opportunities in global markets.

  2. Our global advisory network rivals any international institution, in fact there are few asset management firms that offer such global diversification, whilst maintaining personalized bespoke service.

  3. Our Asset Management Team offers unbiased advise. As an independent firm we are not required to make markets or sell particular products.

  4. Argentum's Risk Policies meet or exceed the Financial Services Commission of Barbados' Guidelines.

  5. We can respond swiftly when required to seize an opportunity and avoid market loss.

  6. You have direct access to your asset manager, anytime, especially in times of volatility

  7. Our location in Barbados offers an abundance of value to our clients who operate internationally.
Argentum Asset Management Inc. • Williams Tower, 3rd Floor, Warrens, St Michael • Barbados • BB22026